Anime Revolution 2015 Day 2

Anime Revolution 2015 Day 2

Normally, Saturday would be the day I’m most excited for at a convention, since most of the good content occurs on Saturday. Sadly, that was the last thing on my mind when I got up at around 6AM in the morning. First things first, I had to head out to SFU Surrey to write my final exam. It started at 8:30AM, and I was done by around 10:45AM. With the exam out of the way, I took the Skytrain all the way down to Waterfront for the biggest day of the convention.

ar2015_day2_001The dreaded packed hallway.

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Anime Revolution 2014 Day 1 Swimsuit Contest


Ah, the swimsuit contest. This event was quickly at max capacity as many people wanted to watch this 18+ event. I tried to get in last year, but coming a bit late to even try to lineup meant you wouldn’t be able to make it inside. The room was bigger this year and it still managed to hit max capacity. When we got in, people were still getting settled and the judges were starting to sit down as well.


Just like I said before, the room was packed fairly quickly and people were denied entry once maximum capacity was reached due to fire and safety regulations.  On the bright side, there was a healthy mix of people here and it wasn’t as much of a one-sided afair as I thought it would be. People got seated and were fairly quiet for the most part except when asked to cheer or clap.

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Anime Revolution 2014 Day 1


Where should I even start? I mean this was probably my most hectic weekend in a long time. I actually just came back from a camping trip the previous week and even that wasn’t as tiring as this weekend convention was. One thing I’ve come to realize after going to many conventions is how important getting sleep early on the Thursday is and how one should have a larger than normal breakfast. Chances are the first night’s sleep is really going to be the only large amount of sleep you’ll get and when you get to the con, you will have to make your lunch/dinner times very flexible.


You would think after coming here last year, I wouldn’t be surprised by this long lineup, but I still am. The line actually goes all the way outside and has two parts to the line just like the previous day. The convention center was packed in the morning as people were trying to grab their passes and file into the main convention area. Personally, I had arrived a little early to make sure we could get good seats into the events we wanted to head to. I was here early in the morning with my friend Mike and puddi and went toward the opening ceremony. Just for clarification, puddi also had a press pass just like me and that would become important later on during the week.

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