Back from Sakuracon 2022

Well, I’m back from my first convention in almost 3 years. Sakuracon 2022 will probably get an article on If not, I’ll write up a personal reflection post here. It was overall a great time with friends and was much busier than I expected.

Just before Sakuracon, I actually headed down to Hawaii. It was a great time down there and a good escape. Not to mention, I got to hop on a plane for the first time in a while again. Although the Boeing 787-9 on the way down was a bit older, it was fairly comfortable as I got a bulkhead seat.

The return flight on the Boeing 737 Max 8 was something else though. The plane is honestly too small for a flight of that length. It was narrow as expected of a narrow body but it’s hard to describe how squished you feel. This was made worse when you actually leave your seat and use the washroom. This route should really be flown by a widebody given how packed it was.

Either way, it was a great trip and had some relaxing beaches and views, to say the least. It’ll be interesting to see what other events I’m able to attend this year. The only thing I have planned is Otakuton 2022 and most likely Anime Revolution 2022. We’ll see if Asia is a possibility this year. I would like to go back to HK and visit relatives and also make a stop in Japan. Hopefully things work out and I can make a trip in the back half of this year.

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