Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year! It feels weird that another year has passed. As I sit here in Japan, it’s kind of crazy how time just seems to fly by. I’ve visited so many different places including conventions, Comiket, and other events all throughout the year. To top it off, I get to see family in Hong Kong, meet friends in Japan, and have a relaxing vacation in Macau.

I haven’t thought too deeply about the upcoming year yet but some conventions are definitely on the list. We’ll likely head to Sakuracon early in March/April as usual and have a better look into the year from there.

I think the best thing about being in Asia for the New Year and being here for the majority of December is escaping the cold and snow back home. Not to mention all the good food like the skewers above. Delish!

With that, here’s to a good 2020! We’ll see what the year has in store for us. I also thought I’d share that I will be making a lot of posts over on https://fansubbing.com/ as that is where I’ll be posting reviews and such in the future. This site will be used more for personal blogging while more professional work including conventions and interviews will likely get posted there. See you all in 2020!