Happy Lunar New Year 2019!

A belated Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year! Last year was an exciting event filled year with travels across Canada, the US, Japan, and Hong Kong. We met new friends, went to new places, and even experienced Comiket for the first time.


It is hard to believe it is already a month into 2019. We’ll try to keep the blog more updated this year between events and go back to more regular posts. As usual, we will also list out the events we plan to attend this year and reflect on the previous year.


2018 Events

  • Sakura-con 2018 – March – Seattle, WA
  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Las Vegas 2018 – June – Las Vegas, NV
  • Otakuthon 2018 – August – Montreal, QC
  • Magic The Gathering: Granx Prix Denver 2018 – October – Denver, CO
  • Comiket 95 & HK Trip – December to January – Tokyo, Japan

Last year had less traveling than in previous years. However, the distance traveled was much higher than in previous years. I managed to attend two MTG GPs for the first time in a very long time. Sakura-con was similar to previous years, with fewer people going this year than prior years.

Otakuthon was definitely one of the highlights of 2018. Not to mention, Lia was the musical guest. That’s one box checked off for concerts to attend live.

Last and certainly not least, December had a long trip to Hong Kong and to Japan. Comiket 95 was one heck of an experience. A post will be going up shortly to detail the trip. Let’s just say it was a totally different beast. You can read about Comiket all you want, but nothing will really prepare you quite like attending for the first time. Mistakes were made, but those experiences only helped on the latter days.


Now onto 2019. The events listed are of course tentative and subject to change, but we will see how my schedule lines up to allow for more travel.

Tentative 2019 Schedule

  • Sakura-con 2019 – April – Seattle, WA (The classic con.)
  • Anime Boston 2019 – April – Boston, MA (Might consider going to Anime Boston instead of Sak this year.)
  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Seattle 2019 – June – Seattle, WA (Close enough to travel to.)
  • Anime Matsuri 2019 – June – Houston, TX (New on the list.)
  • Anime Expo 2019 – July – Los Angeles, CA (Only the biggest NA con.)
  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Las Vegas 2019 – August – Las Vegas, NV (One of the biggest MTG events.)
  • Comiket 96 – August – Tokyo, Japan (This year it will be 4 days and in August due to renovations to Tokyo Big Sight.)
  • Otakuthon 2019 – August – Montreal, QC (Last year was a great time.)
  • Comiket 97 – December – Tokyo, Japan (Winter > Summer for weather.)

The schedule is jam-packed with events on the second half of the year. Other conventions I’m also looking at including more US and Canadian based events as they are easier to travel to.


May 2019 be another good year as well! Who knows what we have in store for us this year.

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