Interviews – Marina Inoue (AniRevo 2018)

For context, this an interview with had with a guest at Anime Revolution 2018. This interview was done in a group setting with other media outlets. The original is from transcripts we have written down and the translation was provided by Anime Revolution’s translator. We have only made some changes from our shorthand or for clarity sake.


Marina Inoue Press Interview – August 4, 2018

[M]: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself for people who do not know you too well?

Marina Inoue[I](As translated by Anirevo’s translator): My name is Marina Inoue, I am a voice actor from Japan

Matsumoto [Vancouver Shinpo – Japanese Newspaper]: How do you like Vancouver, especially this area?

[I]: This is actually my second time coming to Vancouver. I feel that there is very good weather here and it’s very comfortable spending time here. I hear that there are many Japanese people here on working holidays, so it is very comfortable to be here. I think I can actually live here I was to move.

[M]: Among your work in video games and anime, what do you feel is the most interesting role you’ve played? Like challenging or a role you really enjoyed.

[I]: From the recent series I voiced, I found it difficult to voice Oikura Sodachi from Owarimonogatari. She is a very delicate personality, and she despises many things. The way she grew up is very different from how I grew up. So it was very difficult to establish her perspective.  In this series, there are only a few characters that are involved, and there were episodes where only my character was involved. So I have to really try to lead all the other characters. That was very challenging. But I was able to speak by myself for the whole episode so that was fun.

Matsumoto: What is your impression of this AniRevo?

[I]: It was 4 years when I came to this convention and I have been feeling the fans’ powerful passion for anime. They’re not afraid to show their love and passion for anime and I am very happy to see this eagerness. So I find that Japanese and North American anime fans like different genres and their taste are a little different I think. It’s very refreshing to find what you like.

[M]: Attack on Titan season 3 is currently airing. How does it feel to revisit a character you’ve voiced for so long now compared to when you started voicing them?

[I]: For Attack on Titan, especially for me I have been voicing Armin’s character in-between seasons. There were many collaborations for TV promotions and video games, so it doesn’t feel like I came back after a long break.

Matsumoto: Aside from voice acting you also draw illustrations and cosplay as well. Which is your favorite out of the three of them?

[I]: I like voice acting, but since it’s my job there are many challenging situations as well. As for illustrations, I have gotten offers to draw for a company but if I draw as a job then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy drawing. So I wouldn’t make my hobby my job

[M]: You’ve been in several anime, video games and other forms of media. Which one did you enjoy performing in the most and why?

[I]: I enjoy Anime the most. For anime, there are many voice actors involved and I get to interact with them. I enjoy making one creation with all of them. As for video games we record individually, so we get no interaction. So it’s a sad process. For video games, we don’t know which scene they’re going to use our voice for. This process is difficult because we don’t know what movement going to happy.

Matsumoto: What is the hardest part of working your job as a voice actor?

[I]: Winning the chance to voice act a character. Nowadays there are so many voice actors in Japan, and it is very difficult to become the voice actor of a character. It’s actually easy to become a voice actor but it’s difficult to continue being a voice actor.

[M]: Do you have any interesting stories or anecdotes you’d like to share about your work? Maybe something job-related.

[I]: People often see me as a very ‘cool’ person, like a dependable person. I actually have a hidden passion inside me, so I hope that they understand my passion.

Matsumoto: There are many young people who have an interest in anime and want to pursue their future in that job. Do you have any advice for the younger generation?

[I]: The history of anime has become very long and worldwide. There are many new technologies used in anime these days. So there are many possibilities. Also never stop loving anime.


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