Happy New Year 2018!

As 2017 has now come and gone, there has been a lot going on in the previous year. This year, I’m sure will also be filled with different experiences as well. Wishing everyone a happy new year and may 2018 be filled with many adventures.


Last year was one filled with tons of events and even trips to Japan and Hong Kong. I wonder what the next year will bring. This might be a good time to start planning. Let’s take a look at where this year will lead us.


2017 Events

  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Vancouver 2017 – February – Vancouver, BC
  • Sakura-con 2017 – April – Seattle, WA
  • Trip to Portland – June/July 2017
  • Anime Revolution 2017 – August – Vancouver, BC
  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017 – September to October – Shizuoka, Japan
  • Trip to Japan and Hong Kong – December 2017

Last year was one filled with many different events. Starting the year off with a local MTG event and ending it off with an MTG event in Japan. The two conventions of course were the usual ones with the meme crew at Sakura-con and a group of friends for AR. Here’s to hoping for more fun to come in 2018.


Now for what might be in store for 2018. The current events are on my radar for the New Year. We will see how many I am able to attend.


  • Sakura-con 2018 – March/April – Seattle, WA (The classic con.)
  • Anime Detour 2018 – April – Minneapolis, MN (Just a thought.)
  • Anime Expo 2018 – July – Los Angeles, CA (I’ve wanted to go at least once.)
  • Otakuthon 2018 – August – Montreal, QC (Apparently this is a very good con.)
  • Anime Revolution 2018 – August? – Vancouver, BC (The local con.)
  • Comiket 95 – December – Tokyo, Japan (Why not?)

So with these plans in mind for now, let’s see how far we can get. Once again Happy New Year! Hoping you all will have a wonderful 2018.

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