Back from Anime Revolution 2017 & Updates

There is always something about post-con days. Not only are you usually mentally and physically drained, a part of you also feels absent. There’s no better way to describe it other than “Post-con depression.” It can happen to anybody and the quality or even length of the convention is irrelevant. After spending BC Day off to recover, it is time to post some updates.


With AniRevo 2017, which was pretty great by the way, finished. There are only a few more empty slots left for 2017. Since I am now working a new full time job with less time off, I will probably be unable to plan too many other excursions for the rest of this year. Speaking of AniRevo 2017, posts should be up over the course of this month.


Taking a look at the schedule for the rest of 2017, a few things have changed.

Previously Attended

  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Vancouver 2017 – February – Vancouver, BC (Probably side events. I don’t really play modern.)
  • Sakura-con 2017 – April – Seattle, WA (The classic con)
  • Trip to Portland – June/July 2017
  • Anime Revolution 2017 – August – Vancouver, BC (I’ve been every year, so I will definitely try to attend again.)


  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017 – September 2017 – Shizuoka, Japan
    • The format is team sealed.
    • Participating members (aka. the dream team):
      • puddi
      • D_S
      • me
  • Trip to Japan and Hong Kong – December 2017 (Flights are booked.)


  • Crunchyroll Expo – August – Santa Clara, CA (A few friends are going, might be worthwhile to see if I can fit it in.)
  • AX 2018 – LA – Because why not?

The major change is the inclusion of GP Shizuoka, which I will be attending with my good friends D_S and puddi. The format will be team sealed, so we will be in a team of three for the full tournament. In addition, we will be spending some time in Tokyo for our first foreign trip together.

We’ll have to see past that for what the rest of 2017 has to hold. However, things are looking pretty bright, and we still have quite some time left in the year.

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