Plans for the Second Half of 2017

With more than half of 2017 being over, I thought it was time again to update my plans for the rest of the year. After returning from a long weekend trip to Portland, I realize my plans aren’t quite as set in stone as I thought.


Unlike the first half of the year, most of the plans below are less set in stone as there may be changes due to school and work as I’m transitioning between a few different opportunities right now. Regardless, here is what the rest of the year mostly looks like:

Previously Attended

  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Vancouver 2017 – February – Vancouver, BC (Probably side events. I don’t really play modern.)
  • Sakura-con 2017 – April – Seattle, WA (The classic con)
  • Trip to Portland – June/July 2017


  • Anime Revolution 2017 – August – Vancouver, BC (I’ve been every year, so I will definitely try to attend again.)
  • Anime Evolution 2017 – ??? – Vancouver, BC (Small time con, but enjoyable every year.)
  • Trip to Japan and Hong Kong – December 2017 (Flights are booked.)


  • Otakuthon¬†2017 – August – Montreal, QC (I have a few friends going. This will depend on my work schedule and being able to book flights.)
  • Crunchyroll Expo – August – Santa Clara, CA (A few friends are going, might be worthwhile to see if I can fit it in.)
  • AX 2018 – LA – Because why not?

This is what the second half of 2017 looks like and it will change as I iron things out. The one takeaway is that there is a trip to HK and Japan scheduled for December and it is 100% confirmed and the flights are booked.

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