Happy Lunar New Year 2017 + Upcoming Plans

With February quickly approaching, it is time to lay out some plans for 2017. It has been pretty busy for me lately with juggling a new job with school.


Happy Lunar New Year everyone! I had a great dinner with family and friends. Hope you all had a good one as well. Looking forward to a great 2017.

In terms of plans for the upcoming year, I’ll be busier with my work schedule combined with school, but the main events I am looking forward to include the following confirmed and tentative events.



  • Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix Vancouver 2017 – February – Vancouver, BC (Probably side events. I don’t really play modern.)
  • Sakura-con 2017 – April – Seattle, WA (The classic con)
  • Anime Revolution 2017 – August – Vancouver, BC (I’ve been every year, so I will definitely try to attend again.)
  • Anime Evolution 2017 – ??? – Vancouver, BC (Small time con, but enjoyable every year.)


  • Harumatsuri – March – Vancouver, BC (Might go, will depend on schedule.)
  • Animazement – May – Raleigh, NC (I’ve been told this a great con, let’s see how it fits my schedule.)
  • Japan & Hong Kong? – September – (Trying to plan a trip to Asia.)

These are my current plans for now, but of course they can change at any point. We will see what this year has in store. Look forward to more posts soon.

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