Kumoricon 2016 Day 0

Recently, it feels like I have been to the same few cities for conventions. It is usually either just the one here in Vancouver in August or down in Seattle. However, a Twitter conversation led to a convention a bit off the radar. Since one of the crew lives in Portland, there were a few idea thrown around to head to Kumoricon 2016. This was the first year it moved to the Convention Center in Downtown Portland. Let’s just say it would be one heck of a weekend.


Our day started off with a fairly late flight bound for Portland, Oregon. We left YVR at around 2PM and arrived in Portland by around 3PM or so. As expected, there was a short delay with Air Canada, but that has a lot to do with scheduling and using the same gate as another flight.


Portland’s airport/PDX is fairly large but acts mostly as a domestic airport. It is basically two long hallways and had two fairly large food corridors. They are connected by one long hallway that has nothing of note aside for some art pieces. The rest of the crew wouldn’t arrive for a bit, so I took some time to hang out and take in the sights. (And play some Puzzles and Dragons.)

DDX17tkWsAA2Ym-.png large.png
There may or may not have been some pants-less escapades.

The crew we rolled with this time around:

  • shcboomer (me)
  • dark_sage (DS)
  • puddizzle (puddi)
  • SoupRKnowva (Chase)
  • Rekyu
  • Denpa

DS arrived at around 5:15PM and puddi arrived shortly after closer to 6PM. We took the Max(Light Rail) system down to the hotel as it was right next to a stop. Chase let us know that it was faster and cheaper than an Uber, and it was.  After we waited for Chase to join us as he was rolling in late, we headed down to the con center to pick up our badges. After getting shuffled around the line area until we got to the Press area, we headed out to look for dinner.


We did quite a bit of walking before we ended up with a place to have dinner. We tried to look for some Thai place but all of them were either sketchy or a food truck in the middle of nowhere. Apparently, we were on the wrong side of Portland. In the end, we decided to go with Sizzle Pie and have some pizza.

With dinner out of the way, the next step was to pick up some mixers for the stock that Chase had brought us. We headed into a chain convenience store called Plaid Pantry and grabbed what we needed and more. (Maybe they should consider a name change.) Since the majority of us were tired of all the walking, we shared an Uber back to the hotel to wait for Denpa to arrive.


Time passed pretty quickly as we took some time to watch anime such as Girlish Number and a few others. While we were watching, we heard a loud noise and tried to confirm if it was a gunshot or not. It seemed unlikely that this would happen so close to our hotel, and in the middle of Downtown Portland of all places. Unfortunately, it would be true as we saw police cars swarm the area near the station adjacent to the hotel. We later found out someone has been shot pretty close to the hotel and to top it all off, someone else was shot a few streets down. Even without Rekyu there with us, we knew it was a premonition of things to come.

Denpa finally arrived a bit past midnight, and puddi finally showed us the goods. He certainly memed us. We knew it was time to #MakeAnimeSugoiAgain and head to bed to see what Day 1 had in store for us.

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