Anime Revolution 2016 Day 2

The second day of most conventions are usually the most jam-packed with activity. As with most Day 2’s, it was a Saturday and had the largest amount of people attending the convention. Let’s just say the hallways were packed more than usual and even moving from one room to another was difficult. After grabbing a quick breakfast, I headed down to see what the second day of AniRevo 2016 would have in store.


To follow up on the first day, I headed down to the dealer’s hall to meet up with a few of my friends. The hall was a bit quiet earlier in the day, but the pace seemed to pick up throughout the day.


After meeting up with some of my local friends, we headed down to the Sugar & Carlos reunited panel. If you don’t know too much about these two, you probably didn’t watch much YTV over the years in Canada. There were a few cute moments and people in the audience were pretty touched by most of their interactions. I will have to say a few fans were a bit lengthy in their questions and their articulation. (Some that border on creepy tbh. You know those creepy requests.)


We also got a dab from the host of the panel before it started. I’m just going to leave this here for one of my friends that really likes to watch people dabbing.

At around 11:30AM, it was time to head to our first scheduled press interview with Ayumi Fujimara. This was one of the most attended press interviews I attended this weekend. From what I hear, the other press interviews were quite busy, especially the Carlos and Sugar ones. This interview will be posted up separately as usual.


Next up, the cosplay contest, one of those fan favorites when it comes to conventions. Some of the cosplay displayed was actually quite impressive considering this is one of the smaller conventions. (Below, you will find a bunch of cosplay photos from the contest.)








Overall, most of the cosplay was on the higher end of things. Some of these skits were quite interesting. If not, at least they were comical in one way or another.

Sorry, there were no cute girls handing out chocolates.

Since it was already a bit past lunch time, I headed out to grab a quick bite before returning to the convention center for some walkcon.

With little time left between the next event after doing some walkcon, I headed straight to the next press interview with livetune. Again, this interview will be posted separately.


When we were finished with the interview with livetune, we headed back downstairs for the Live Voice Actors panel. As with this panel in previous years, pictures were not allowed. However, this is usually one of the more interesting panels as guests do some live VA work with a director. You get to see a bit of what their jobs entails and how they work with a sound director.


The final event for the day before I had to head out was the Pony Canyon Industry Panel. Unfortunately for me, this felt a bit like a rehash of the Sakura-con 2016 panel since it wasn’t that long ago. The only few changes were a bit of the releases and more time for Q&A. One of the problems they brought up was the fact that English dubs were expensive and it was hard to profit or even break even off of them.


Day 2 of AniRevo 2017 shaped up to be a packed day, but it was enjoyable aside for some of the hectic hustle and bustle. Day 3 would be more of the same with more press interviews and of course the closing ceremony.


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