Sakura-con 2016 Day 0

There is just something special about Sakura-con for me. It might just be my positive experiences in the past with the con or maybe it is the friends I get to hang out with. Regardless, there is just something worth looking forward to at Sakura-con as with all conventions.


Day 0 starts off with the usual eight hours of work. Time flew by pretty quickly, and it was already the end of the workday before I knew it. By 4:00PM, it was time to leave and head out to do some last minute shopping.


After picking up some things for the convention, I met up with Christian, one of my friends who was going to carpool with me. Next up, I picked up another friend before driving out to Guildford in Surrey to pick up our final friend.


After eating quickly at the Guildford food court, we were ready to head down the border towards Seattle for Sakura-con. The border was fairly quick and had a wait time of only about 20 minutes or so. Taking a short rest at a Wal-Mart, we grabbed some more supplies and headed to Downtown Seattle where the convention was held.


Unpacking the car was a bit of a hassle, but after getting some more help, we were able to get everything out. I split out with the rest of my friends and headed to the Executive Pacific hotel in Seattle for the night. I was told to grab a key from the front desk and head to the room since D_S, Puddi, Rekyu, and Lunr were all out bowling. To my surprise, as I entered the room, I met a new addition to our crew for the convention. Lloyd was in the room and had just arrived a bit before I had. Due to some dropouts at the last minute, I was going to room with Lloyd and D_S for the first night.


Lloyd and I got to one another for a bit before D_S returned from bowling. From the sound of things, they had a bunch of fun at bowling. Without too much left to do other than get some good rest for Sakura-con 2016, we decided to sleep early and be ready for the convention in front of us.

The crew we rolled with this year:

  • shcboomer (me)
  • dark_sage (D_S/DS)
  • puddizzle (puddi)
  • Rekyu
  • Lunr
  • Lloyd


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