Anime Revolution 2015 Day 2

Normally, Saturday would be the day I’m most excited for at a convention, since most of the good content occurs on Saturday. Sadly, that was the last thing on my mind when I got up at around 6AM in the morning. First things first, I had to head out to SFU Surrey to write my final exam. It started at 8:30AM, and I was done by around 10:45AM. With the exam out of the way, I took the Skytrain all the way down to Waterfront for the biggest day of the convention.

ar2015_day2_001The dreaded packed hallway.

Making my way down to the convention center was a breeze, since it was only a single train all the way down. Heading into the main hallway of the exhibition area showed how busy AR was at the time due to the massive pileup in the hallways. Having already contacted the rest of the crew to find where they were, I first headed down to the dealer hall to meet up with Lunr who was lining up for the Kotoko autograph session.

ar2015_day2_002Kotoko signed badge.

Lunr had waited in line for a while but managed to get both an album and his badge signed. The earlier you get there, the quicker you’ll be able to have your stuff signed.  Anyway, we didn’t stay in the dealer hall for too long since it was getting crowded in there and the dealer hall even had a line to get in.

We headed up to the games room to meet up with puddi and Rekyu who were participating in the Smash 4 tournament. Neither of them actually continued to play the full thing since it ran for the majority of the day. Rekyu played for quite some time, while puddi met up with some friends to grab lunch.

ar2015_day2_003Setup for the Nobuyuki Hiyama Q&A

With little else for us left to do in the games room, Lunr and I decided to head to the Nobuyuki Hiyama Q&A panel while meeting up with TheBlackTac. After getting in a bit earlier due to press privileges, we were told that photography was not allowed during the panel. So you’ll just have to imagine what the panel was like without pictures.

ar2015_day2_004Seating for the panel.

It took a while for all the people waiting in line next door to file in, but when they did the room wasn’t even close to full. This is actually both a good and a bad thing. Obviously, the bad side is that there aren’t many people in the panel. However, having the extra space is much better than running out of room and being denied entry. Again, some of the other panels and events had more attendance than others.

The panel was a fairly straightforward Q&A session with Nobuyuki Hiyama. Interestingly, people asked a lot of tough questions which the guest even commented on. Most of the non-questions were voice acting requests. I can only imagine how sore his throat must have been after doing so many different voice requests.

ar2015_day2_005The only cosplay picture of day 2.

Our next panel that we wanted to see was about 30 minutes away, so we took the time to meet up with Rekyu again and see how he was doing in the Smash tournament upstairs. Just outside the gaming rooms was a waiting/line up area for panels in the upper rooms. It was a bit confusing for a lot of people to find out where to line up for each room since they split them between the upstairs and downstairs spaces. The lines got quite long for some panels and some of the smaller rooms were filled pretty quickly.

ar2015_day2_006Another no photos panel.

Together with TheBlackTac and Lunr, we headed over to the Kotoko Talk Show. It was slated to be a talk show-esque program with Kotoko and two hosts. However, the questions were a little disappointing and the atmosphere was just a bit off. Since we weren’t allowed to take photos, I just took a picture of TheBlackTac’s phone background. Anyway, we had to head out at around 30 minutes into the panel to make it to Nobuyuki Hiyama’s press interview. The press interview was interesting for us and will be posted as a separate article soon.


Since I hadn’t grabbed lunch yet, I decided to meet up with the rest of the crew and grab some lunch. To be honest though, it felt more like it was time for dinner since it was around 4:30PM by the time we actually got to a restaurant.

After grabbing lunch/dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get some downtime. Earlier, both puddi and Rekyu had each bought a box of Kancolle 2 Weiss Schwarz. They took this time to open the packs while I tried to get in a quick nap. (Unfortunately, the nap didn’t happen at all.) Before long, it was time to head back to convention center and make it in time for the 6PM Kotoko interview. Again, all interviews will be posted as separate articles.

ar2015_day2_008Line-con 2015.

Finishing up the interview, we headed back downstairs to the main lobby area. To our surprise, there was a huge line that was stretching across the entire convention center and into the line up room. We asked staff and found out it was for the swimsuit contest.

ar2015_day2_009Line-con 2015 cont.

The line just kept going and even the entrance area to the exhibition halls was packed with people just waiting to get into the swimsuit contest. Lunr and I took this time to contact the gang and get them down here for the swimsuit contest since it was the premier event on Saturday.

ar2015_day2_010The line that never ends.

Heading into the line up/waiting room really showed how many people were trying to get into the swimsuit contest. This room was packed from the entrance and wrapped around a few times. Of course, there was still the line stretching outside the room all the way to the entrance area of the convention center. Quite an impressive line to say the least. My only wish was that the line up area was more organized, there were times where people just cut the line.

ar2015_day2_011Staff working hard to keep the lines under control.

It might have been packed in there and a bit hectic, but you could tell the staff were trying their best to keep the lines under control. It might be more of a manpower issue since the sheer number of people lining up was more than I expected to see.

ar2015_day2_012Swimsuit contest @ AR 2015.

We got into the room earlier than expected and got ourselves set up. We met up with D_S, puddi, and Roux inside the hall and got into some interesting discussions. One of the main takeaways of this swimsuit contest was that some people tried really hard to impress. On the bright side, there wasn’t an audience member as bad as last year – one who was heckling all the contestants. We stayed around for the majority of the contest before we decided to head off to get dinner.

anime_steakMmmmm. Steak!

Since it was already fairly late by the time we left the convention center, we went out of our way to find a good place to eat. We had already previously agreed to get steak for dinner to celebrate the end of my exams. Of course, if we were going to go big, we might as well get good steak. So what better place to get steak other than The Keg.

Sadly, not everyone was 100% at the steak dinner, and we ended up calling a taxi to get back to the hotel. We sent D_S, Rekyu, and Lunr back on the taxi, while Puddi and I walked back. We grabbed a donut from Tim Horton’s on the way back. This was possibly the best donut we’ve ever had, chalk it up to late night munchies and needing some fresh air.

ws_shiyokoWS time, baby!

By the time we got back, it was almost midnight. The smart thing to do would be to head to bed and get ready for the last day, but this is a convention and standard logic doesn’t always apply. If there’s one night you go hard, it’s Saturday night. After showering, I joined the rest of the crew in playing card games and video games. Puddi and I played some pack wars of Magic using MM2 packs, which D_S brought. That box was insane… We saw a Kozilek, foil cryptic, BoB, Fulminator, and many more staples.

Finishing up our packs of Magic, we watched Lunr vs. Rekyu in Weiss Schwarz. A match that we had hyped up for the majority of the day. Rekyu had a great first game and destroyed Lunr, but the second game was a bit slow and he got out-resourced. The final game was close, but Rekyu took the final game to make it 2-1 in the BO3. Next up, puddi and I played against each other with me taking two straight wins in a LB vs. Ilya showdown.

kanade_sleepyHow we felt by the end of the night.

By the time we were done, it was already around 3AM. This would have been a good time to sleep, but then sometimes you just don’t know what’s good for you. Rekyu, puddi, and I played Smash 4 for another two hours before we realized it was 5AM and actually went to bed. Sometimes you just have to make your own fun, not every single event is going to be great in a day. With that said, that is why you hang out with good friends so you can create memories you won’t soon forget.

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