Anime Revolution 2015 Day 1

Day 1 or Friday for most conventions is usually the quietest of the three days. Some people still have work and/or school on the Friday and it seems to get busier as the day goes by. To make the most out of the convention, I got up at around 8AM in the morning to get some work done. At about 9AM, I went down to Burrard Station to pick up our final member Puddi, and brought him back to our hotel room. He was a bit tired and really hungry, so the next thing we did was go out and get some breakfast. If there’s one thing you have to do going out to a convention, it’s to make sure you’re well hydrated and well fed. It’s going to be a long week and you want to be able to enjoy it without feeling sick or hungry throughout.

ar2015_day1_001Canada Place hallway.

After grabbing a fairly quick breakfast, we headed straight down to Canada Place (Con center).  The number of people in the building was already steadily increasing by the time we got there and pass pickup looked like a tall prospect for most other people. However, people seemed to get their pass pretty quickly due to their new and improved system.

ar2015_day1_002The dealer hall.

One thing I’m used to doing is heading down to the dealer hall early on day 0 to scope out what might catch my eye and ‘wisely’ spend my money over the weekend. This may be the first time I’ve seen so many people in the dealer hall section so early on day 0 and it made it hard to do my usual routine.


As you can see, the dealer hall was already packed and the space seemed a bit small for all the people walking around. Considering this was only day 0, there was bound to be even more people on Saturday. On the bright side, a bustling dealer hall is a good sign for attendance.

Convention OP

ar2015_day1_004The digital/video games room.

This year, Anime Revolution rented out a bigger space for the gaming room. In addition to getting a bigger space, they also separated the video games and card/board games room. Utilizing this layout was a vast improvement compared to previous years and left more room for people to play different games without interfering with one another.

ar2015_day1_005The card/board games room.

As seen above, there is a divider in the middle between the two rooms which nicely separated the space into two fairly sizable gaming rooms. As we walked in, a lot of people were already setting up for the Weiss Schwarz tournament. In the past, I may have considered playing in the tournament, but due to time constraints, I took the time instead to teach Rekyu and Lunr how to play WS. Let’s just say they ended up spending $$$ on Weiss by the end of the convention and even afterwards.

ar2015_day1_006Waver vs. Love Live waifus. (Waver wins.) *TD vs TD*

If you’ve never played Weiss Schwarz before, you may not understand this picture. However, my way of explaining what WS is about involves your waifus being better than your opponent’s waifus. In this case, Waver was a better waifu than most Love Live characters. Of course, this only played out because both of them were playing trial decks, and they are only decent at best.

ar2015_day1_007What a great view from the games room.

See, Vancouver is a beautiful city, even the view from the games room is great. It’s nice to take a look at the little things sometimes, you don’t always get a chance to enjoy the small things in life. Anyway, the WS tournament was still ongoing when I left with D_S to head to the Voice Actor Idol panel around 2PM.

ar2015_day1_008Voice Actor Idol.

The Voice Actor Idol contest/panel was the first real scheduled event we hit up on day 0. The judges this year were quite impressive with Dean Redman, Jessica-Gee George, Grant George, and Caitlyn Bairstow. Basically, this contest involved contestants reading from scripts and voice acting a role. Some of the contestants were pretty decent and struck the right chord with the crowd. On the other hand, some were less to die for. Most of the comments from the judges were positive even if the crowd wasn’t. One contestant that really stood out was one that tried to act out two roles at the same time. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned and the secondary voice being used as a ‘joke’ voice was not the most angelic voice you’ve ever heard. Even Dean Redman seemed speechless before and after the performance.

ar2015_day1_009Setup for the Japanese for Beginners panel.

For me, I was approaching the end of my first day at Anime Revolution. Due to a final exam set the next morning at 8:30AM, I had to get home earlier to review a bit and be fresh enough to write a math exam. For our last event of the day, before I bid farewell with the crew, we went over to the Japanese for Beginners panel. I’m not sure what we were expecting in the panel, but I don’t think we quite got what we were looking for. Lunr suggested we go to this panel since he was interested in Japanese and thought it might be a good idea. On reflection, we should just listen to Rekyu when he picks panels, because he always manages to find the gems.

Either way, we were there for the majority of the panel before I had to leave and had D_S fill my seat. The panel consisted of a presenter that works as a ‘professional’ translator who has Japanese experience from 3 years of high school. These were her words, not mine. She admitted she didn’t know much kanji, or much beyond hiragana. On the projector, she put up the hiragana chart, and some exercises from when she was younger. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, there were a bunch of errors on them and members of the audience pointed them out. The panel was a good attempt to teach people some basic Japanese, but a little more preparation and double checking of the material would have been great.

ar2015_day1_010The only cosplay picture I took all day. (Prison School)

Apparently, I only managed to grab a single shot of cosplayers all day. This was likely due to my rush to get the most out of the day thanks to a poorly timed exam the following day.


As I was heading out, I noticed more people were filing into the convention than ones leaving. Looks like people were starting to get off of work and/or school. The pass pickup area was quite empty, and greatly contrasted the following morning.


The weather certainly wasn’t amazing on day 1, but people were still taking some cosplay photos outside. (You get used to it in Vancouver) This would be our last trek into the convention center for the rest of the day and would be a welcome sight after completing my exam on day 2.

40709491_p0Day 2 hype!!! (Picture unrelated)

Looking forward to day 2, there were a bunch of scheduled interviews and some major Q&A panels including the Kotoko Talk Show.

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Anime Revolution Day 1

Anime Revolution Day 2

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