Anime Revolution 2015 Day 0

It feels like our last convention wasn’t too long ago, and it really wasn’t. However, we were set on going to Anime Revolution this year due to a variety of factors. The first of which was the vast improvements they have made year after year. For a con that’s only heading into its fourth year, we were looking forward to an even bigger and better convention this year.  Unlike previous years, I was set to have a blast and stay in a hotel near the convention center to maximize my time at the convention center and to remove the hassle of going back and forth from my home out to Waterfront.


That being said, I wasn’t going to be booking a hotel room for just myself. A few friends of mine joined me at AR 2015 and even flew in from a whole bunch of different places just to attend. This last weekend, I got a chance to roll with the following crew:

Other guest appearances:

Heading out early in the morning, we arrived at Sutton Place Hotel which is the associated convention hotel at around 11AM in the morning. After dropping off our stuff at the hotel for storage until our check-in time, we went out to go grab some lunch. It didn’t take us long to pick a place on Robson St. to eat and satisfy our hunger.

ar2015_day0_002The passes looked a lot better this year.

With lunch out of the way, we made it down to the convention center to pick up our passes. The lineup was fairly sizable and can be seen in our first picture of this report. One noticeable improvement this year was how much quicker they were with handing out the passes. This was due to the fact that they just wrote the names on the back of the passes instead of having it printed on. It may sound like a step backwards, but it really was a step in the right direction. People didn’t have to wait nearly as long for staff to ‘find’ their badges as in previous years. Another upside was how much better the passes were this year. They were made entirely of plastic and had all of the designs and text printed on it.

I personally had no trouble picking up my press badge from the information desk which was an express line for VIP member and industry. Instead of handing out badges that stated ‘Press’, they gave out ‘Industry’ passes this year. There was a fair share of upside in doing this, but there were some downsides as well. When we went into panels, we had to explicitly state we were press since there was no differentiation in the passes. Just a quick disclaimer, I was given a press pass to AR 2015, take that for what it’s worth when reading this article.

8Oz2Ye7This is what the hotel looked like, right?

With nothing else left to do on Thursday due to the convention starting on Friday, we headed back up to the hotel to hang out a bit and deal with the issues surrounding my friends not being able to get their passes. Again, I keep forgetting to take a picture of the hotel room, so I’ll leave it up to your imagination. Just think of it being as great as the photo above, but a hotel room instead.

After spending some time at the hotel, we headed back down to the convention center to pick up the rest of our passes and dealt with the confusion regarding the passes. We also met up with Mike and Andor while they grabbed their passes for the weekend. Dinner was the next thing on the docket, Andor and Mike joined us for dinner before we parted ways for the day.

ar2015_day0_003Nothing beats a classy anime con level drink.

On the way back to the hotel from dinner, we went to a few places to grab supplies for the weekend. If we were going to be there for the whole event, we needed to be prepared. Before we knew it, we were back at our hotel with bags full of supplies and made ourselves some classy drinks to prepare us for the days ahead. There’s nothing quite as classy as a drink in a wine glass topped with a Pocky stick. With little else to do for the night, we headed back to our rooms and hopped straight into bed.

Anime Revolution Day 0

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