Anime Revolution 2014 Day 0


Day 0 of Anime Revolution is a little different from most conventions as there is nothing to do here except pick up your pass here. I waited with my friend a bit to pick up his pass, but I had to go pick up a friend from the bus station so I ended up leaving for about 30 to 40 minutes. My good friend puddi whom I met at Sakura-con came up to join me for AR this year to double up the fun.


Let’s just say when I got back, the line was about the same. My friend had finally entered the main building and waited in line for another 40 or so minutes before getting his pass. I went over to the VIP ticket area to grab my press pass with puddi. Seriously, it may be worth shelling out the extra money to get a VIP pass or just buying your ticket at the door which is faster than pickup. This definitely hasn’t changed one bit from last year, but if you buy passes at an early bird price, it’s not bad to stand in line and meet some new people. Anyway, it’s getting late and I’m getting tired, so I’ll just sign off here looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow at the official start of Anime Revolution 2014. If you are heading out there, give me a shout-out on Twitter and let’s meet up. You can contact me @shcboomer.

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