Little Busters! EX @ Refrain Subs Episode 5

Finally got around to getting the finishing touches done on EX 05 for Refrain Subs. It was TLed a while back, but that was all that was done for a while other than the encode. Everything is done now and we have all the Neko Sasami goodness. Glad to see the gang back and looking forward to how they adapt Sasami’s route.


As usual, spoiler images can be found after the break.

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Ano Hana Movie


The release is imminent or something like that. Anyway, this was quite the tearfest. Went to watch it with my friends when it came out in theaters too. They decided to laugh at some random points in the movie, not sure why… Anyway, looking forward to Little Busters! EX 05 after this.

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