Sakura-Con 2014 Day 1

Another long trip over, much fun was had. The worst part of these events is coming back from them, going back to the daily hustle and bustle of life is definitely less fun than any convention. Anyway, this would be a good time to go over how the trip went before I forget the finer details.


Some context I should probably note is that I headed down to Sakura-Con with 3 other friends and one of them drove us all there. We left Vancouver, BC at about 6AM in the morning and after some rest stops and crossing the border, we finally arrived at the parking lot we had booked a spot in to park at. The trip down took us a bit more than five hours and it was around noon by the time we got to the Sheraton hotel located next to the Seattle Convention Center. Our initial plans was to check-in and get our rooms, but we were told there was a wait for rooms and we should come back later. We left our bags at the bell desk for storage and decided to head over to the convention to kill some time and check it out.


Our first stop at the convention center would be the registration area. Even though the lines were fairly long, things were organized and we managed to get through the whole line and grab our passes in about twenty minutes which is quite efficient. Anime Revolution took me about an hour and a bit more to actually grab my pass for the event. Day one here was as packed as I thought it would be when it came to lineups since this room was constantly full during the time were there and even after we had left.

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Back from Sakura-Con 2014

I’m quite tired from attending Sakura-Con 2014, but some great fun was had. I managed to grab quite a few things that I had wanted to obtain for some time and also met some great people. I’ll post up the full details tomorrow. Until then, here is a picture of my spoils.

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Sakura-Con 2014

Looks like I’m heading down to Sakura-Con 2014 with my friends, I’ll be sure to post up some pictures and thoughts about it in the upcoming days. Too tired to write anymore, I have to head out early tomorrow morning too. So I’ll just leave this here.