Little Busters! EX @ Refrain Subs Episode 1

With the release of the first episode of Little Busters! EX from Refrain Subs, I must say that I am looking forward to more of this. Working on this was a blast, it’s been a while since we worked on something together. Anyway, this episode was filled with Saya goodness. I mean, she is the best girl in Little Busters! EX! Hoping to see some Rin in one of these episodes but chances are we will only see her in the other routes or possibly the last episode or so of Saya’s arc. Here’s to the first of eight episodes!



As usual, spoiler pictures after the break.

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Update – February 2014

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Well, looks like it’s February already. All I can say is that time passes by pretty quickly. I’m still currently working on Little Busters! EX with Refrain Subs, we’re still downloading the raw files. On the bright side we have the K-effects done, and the script basically ready. The only thing left is encoding, re-timing, and of course QC. Other than Refrain Subs, I’m also starting to edit the Mare scripts for the Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart project. Hopefully, I can make some good progress in the upcoming weeks. Lastly, I’ve also started going through some of the scripts for Kourin no Machi, we’re slowly crawling towards the end point in that project.