Little Busters!: Refrain @ Refrain Subs Episode 4

I finished my part for our release of episode 4 of Little Busters! ~Refrain~ for Refrain Subs. Pretty fun episode, also very content heavy. Anyways, time for my weekly image dump.

We’ll start off with Rin of course, no reason not to. I mean, best girl wins! There were so many cute pictures of Rin this week. ❤ ❤ (Only 82 pictures, is that enough?)

Next let’s have some Suginami, I guess…

Of course, we can’t forget about Komari.

The other Little Busters members also make a big splash too.

I have one question though, why is Riki so flexible?

This image… XD

Little Busters!: Refrain @ Refrain Subs Episode 3

Just doing the finishing touches on our release of episode 3 of Little Busters! ~Refrain~ for Refrain Subs.

Just for this episode, we will be featuring Kurugaya first on our blog. Rin is still best girl, but that isn’t the focus of this episode.

Loli Kurugaya is cute!

Now time for best girl! There were a lot of cute shots of her this episode too. Just in time for Riki x Rin next episode. All aboard the Rin train!

Little Busters!: Refrain @ Refrain Subs Episode 2

Well, I just finished up the last of what I needed to do for episode 2 of Little Busters!: Refrain for Refrain Subs. Looks like it is time to post up that gallery of Rin pictures for the week. Looks like our best girl Rin Natsume isn’t too pleased with Riki-kun. I wonder why… Oh well, I look forward to subbing more episodes of Little Busters!: Refrain, check us out at

And for the Kurugaya fans, such as one of the editors…

Also math is hard…

Subbing Little Busters!: Refrain @ Refrain Subs

Just thought I’d drop a quick post here since I have some time. I’m feeling a bit under the weather right now but I think I’m slowly starting to feel better. Anyways, the biggest thing for me lately has been Little Busters!: Refrain. As some people may already know Little Busters! is my favorite VN of all times. Therefore I felt obligated to watch Little Busters!: Refrain, and watch I did. However, I noticed that the subtitles for them this season were a bit lackluster since UTW & Mazui were not involved for this season. I was given a shot to try fansubbing, so I decided to give it a go, after some discussion on MAL, we came up with our own fansub group called Refrain Subs just to fansub Little Busters!: Refrain. Anyways, I’m quite excited to work with everyone and I believe we’ll have a great time subbing Little Busters!: Refrain this season. So check us out at The first episode is up and already has a v2 ready for download.

Here are some screencaps for the first episode.

Start of Fall 2013 Season of Anime

Well, it is that time of year again, the start of the Fall season of anime. For me the biggest show has to be Little Busters!: Refrain because of multiple factors. These factors include having read the VN, loving the series, and just overall it being Little Busters! Anyways, I thought it would be a good time to drop a small post and maybe list the things I plan to watch this season. This list isn’t fully inclusive, but following my MAL should be good enough to figure out the rest.

For now I plan to watch the following (in no particular order):

– Little Busters!: Refrain
– Kill La Kill
– Kyoukai no Kanata
– Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai
– Nagi no Asukara
– White Album 2

Anyways, I’ll leave this picture here and call it a post.