Anime Revolution Vancouver Day 3 (Last Day)

Well, with day three officially over, Anime Revolution is now finished. The first thing I noticed walking into the convention center was that there were still quite a few people around. I would say there was still more people here on the last day compared to the first. The halls weren’t as packed as yesterday, but they surely were still quite full. In terms of enjoyment, I’d say the last day was a bit less exciting as the excitement seemed to be winding down and a few of my friends couldn’t make it to the last day.


As expected, there were no line ups today when it came to ticket sales and pass pickups. I feel kind of bad for the staff since they kind of have to sit there for a long time without anyone really passing by. Oh well, I guess it makes up for the last two days with those huge lines they had to work through.


The halls were quite empty today, but the number of cosplayers was still quite high. Seems like most of the people at the time when I took the photo were in either the event halls or the dealer hall, since there were a ton of people still overall.


Today, I spent a bit more time in the artists section of the dealer hall, as I was looking to maybe pick up some artwork to put up in my room at home. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find anything that screamed “take me home”. So I just spent some time in this section checking out the artwork, there were a few things I liked, but nothing I really wanted to buy.


In the corner of the dealer hall is a small maid cafe, as you can see it is walled off and has a curtain going all the way around it. I wasn’t really interested in entering, so I chose not to go in. The area seemed ok, but it didn’t look all that decorated and I think the attraction was really only the maids. (Seems obvious, but I feel like decor should matter to some extent too.) Either way, I didn’t spend much time looking in this area and quickly moved on.


The stock in a lot of the shops were starting to dwindle since it was the last day of the convention. This one that was selling a bunch of pillows and wall scrolls was getting noticeably low on stock. Interestingly enough, nothing here really caught my eye at all, I knew some of the characters, but nothing really jumped out at me to take a closer look.


When it came down to it though, the lines for the various panels and last few events were still quite long. As one can see, the lines still stretched out across the room for the bigger events.


I managed to go to another panel with Kappei Yamaguchi again. I must say that the guy is a very good and charismatic speaker. The Japanese translation was still a bit lacking, but thanks to my slight knowledge of Japanese, I managed to understand the majority of the questions and answers. The funniest part about this panel was the amount of people that asked for hugs and got one during the Q&A section.

IMAG0364 IMAG0368 IMAG0375

Outside of the convention center, there was some cosplaying going on with a bunch of different group poses. The majority of it was focused on Pokemon but a few other things popped up as well. I thought these were some of the better shots, and were quite creative as well.


On the way to the car in the parking lot, I spotted another Vocaloid car, it didn’t look quite as good as the ones in the dealer hall. However, the print on the side was quite nice, if only it fit the car a little better, otherwise this is pretty sweet in its own way.

All in all, Anime Revolution has been a fun and interesting event. I certainly enjoyed it and manged to spend some good times with friends. Even if I did spend a bit more money than originally expected, I definitely had a blast and will probably come back again next year. I might even go to Sakura-con this year, who knows?

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