Back from my 3 Day Trip

Yay! I’m finally back from my 3 Day Trip down to Portland. I’m pretty exhausted still, but I won’t have much time to relax with school being just around the corner. For now I just need to catch up on all the work and emails I missed in the past few days. Not having access to Internet for the majority of the trip really hurt in that regard. However, it is better to get things done sooner rather than later anyways. I’ll just leave the Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi ED here for now.

Heading to Portland for a 3 Day Roadtrip

Looks like I am heading to Portland for a 3 Day trip starting today. I will be back by Friday most likely and will probably post some new content this weekend. I’ve been a bit on the busy side this week after Anime Revolution, so I haven’t had too much time to make a post or even get a lot of my work done. Anyways, like I said, I should be back soon and hopefully will have internet access down in the US. If someone needs me, it is probably best to Tweet me. For now have the Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi OP Birth.

Anime Revolution Vancouver Day 3 (Last Day)

Well, with day three officially over, Anime Revolution is now finished. The first thing I noticed walking into the convention center was that there were still quite a few people around. I would say there was still more people here on the last day compared to the first. The halls weren’t as packed as yesterday, but they surely were still quite full. In terms of enjoyment, I’d say the last day was a bit less exciting as the excitement seemed to be winding down and a few of my friends couldn’t make it to the last day.


As expected, there were no line ups today when it came to ticket sales and pass pickups. I feel kind of bad for the staff since they kind of have to sit there for a long time without anyone really passing by. Oh well, I guess it makes up for the last two days with those huge lines they had to work through.


The halls were quite empty today, but the number of cosplayers was still quite high. Seems like most of the people at the time when I took the photo were in either the event halls or the dealer hall, since there were a ton of people still overall.


Today, I spent a bit more time in the artists section of the dealer hall, as I was looking to maybe pick up some artwork to put up in my room at home. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find anything that screamed “take me home”. So I just spent some time in this section checking out the artwork, there were a few things I liked, but nothing I really wanted to buy.


In the corner of the dealer hall is a small maid cafe, as you can see it is walled off and has a curtain going all the way around it. I wasn’t really interested in entering, so I chose not to go in. The area seemed ok, but it didn’t look all that decorated and I think the attraction was really only the maids. (Seems obvious, but I feel like decor should matter to some extent too.) Either way, I didn’t spend much time looking in this area and quickly moved on.


The stock in a lot of the shops were starting to dwindle since it was the last day of the convention. This one that was selling a bunch of pillows and wall scrolls was getting noticeably low on stock. Interestingly enough, nothing here really caught my eye at all, I knew some of the characters, but nothing really jumped out at me to take a closer look.


When it came down to it though, the lines for the various panels and last few events were still quite long. As one can see, the lines still stretched out across the room for the bigger events.


I managed to go to another panel with Kappei Yamaguchi again. I must say that the guy is a very good and charismatic speaker. The Japanese translation was still a bit lacking, but thanks to my slight knowledge of Japanese, I managed to understand the majority of the questions and answers. The funniest part about this panel was the amount of people that asked for hugs and got one during the Q&A section.

IMAG0364 IMAG0368 IMAG0375

Outside of the convention center, there was some cosplaying going on with a bunch of different group poses. The majority of it was focused on Pokemon but a few other things popped up as well. I thought these were some of the better shots, and were quite creative as well.


On the way to the car in the parking lot, I spotted another Vocaloid car, it didn’t look quite as good as the ones in the dealer hall. However, the print on the side was quite nice, if only it fit the car a little better, otherwise this is pretty sweet in its own way.

All in all, Anime Revolution has been a fun and interesting event. I certainly enjoyed it and manged to spend some good times with friends. Even if I did spend a bit more money than originally expected, I definitely had a blast and will probably come back again next year. I might even go to Sakura-con this year, who knows?

Anime Revolution Vancouver Day 2

Now Day 2 is over, today was definitely the longest day for me, I spent at least 12 hours at the convention today. As expected, the lines were still quite bad for tickets in both the pick-up line and the to buy line. It must have taken at least two to three hours to just get the tickets today. Luckily, I picked mine up on the Thursday to be able to walk in on Friday without lining up. Although for some people that may be unavoidable, as people do have to work on Fridays as well. Anyways, there was a lot more people today as expected, literally every hall was basically full just about everywhere one went.


Even the areas for waiting to enter different panels and events was packed. The line literally stretched across the room and back several times for some of the bigger events such as concerts and the cosplay contest. Again, I was unable to get into the cosplay contest due to space restrictions. Maybe I should have showed up a little earlier, but it is hard to jump from event to event without missing some of the other ones. The biggest events of the day started with a trio of industry panels.


The first panel I attended today with the Funimation panel. There wasn’t too much new news there, but at least it was semi interesting. It was kept from being boring due to the proactive presenter that helped speed things along. Everything there had basically been announced before, so nothing new there on that front, but they did show trailers for a bunch of things. They also talked about their app and online streams and other things along those lines.


Next up was the Crunchyroll panel, this one was even more obvious in what they talked about. Since they are only a streaming site, the content talked about varied. However, it was really boring and the presenters were a bit on the bland side. If I had to put it in easier terms, it felt almost like one of my university lectures. They showed a boring static PowerPoint with a generic background while talking way too much or little about the individual points.


Finally, I went to the Aniplex panel, this was by far the best out of the three. The presenter was clear, and had an interactive presentation with many trailers and some chat afterwards. The best part was that there were even prizes here and also a special sale at the local sales booth after. They had a 10% discount off of all Aniplex titles, which made me buy more than I expected at the convention. The biggest things talked about here was probably the third Madoka movie and the Sword Art Online dub.


After the panels, me and my friends went back to the dealer area and looked around for a bit. The biggest thing was the 10% off at C&L for only an hour. That was the final push that I needed to pick up the special edition Blu-Ray collection of the Madoka movies. It was a bit steep at around $130 after tax, but I guess it is a convention, and people do tend to splurge more there too. Oh well, at least I’ll enjoy it for what it is.

IMAG0279 IMAG0281

There were two new big size sculptures in the middle, one of Link from Zelda and one of Goku from Dragonball Z. There was a fence around them now, since people were playing around with them yesterday apparently.


After grabbing some lunch and walking around for a bit, we came back to line up for a concert. I forgot who exactly was performing, but we waited at least an hour for a huge line, and sadly we were quite disappointed. More than half the audience literally walked out about 5 minutes in. I’m just hoping it was me and my friends’ tastes in music, but it kind of felt like autotune and techno for the whole time we were there.


The last panel we went to was a Q&A with Kappei Yamaguchi, who is the Japanese voice actor for a bunch of roles. A few of these roles includes Inuyasha in Inuyasha, Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2, and L from Death Note. He was a really cool guy and answered questions really well. The only issue was that people that didn’t know enough Japanese may have been lost a times, since some things were lost in translation and some of the translations were slow as well. However, this was by far the best thing we did today, since it was interesting and people asked some good questions.


After the Q&A session, we went out to grab dinner at a local ramen place, the food was pretty good there. After ordering, we realized that one of us didn’t really like noodles all that much, so it may not have been the best choice, but that one person toughed it out for us. After dinner, we went back to the convention center to check out a few of the last events, and went to screening room to watch about two episodes of Rinne no Lagrange and then head home from there.


Overall, day two was more exciting than day one for sure. There was more people around and things ran until pretty late at night. I managed to pick up the Madoka movie special edition Blu-Ray package and the Japanese Da Capo III Weiss Schwarz trial deck. One more day left, but I am a bit busy for the first half of the day tomorrow, so I may only be there for a short while.

Anime Revolution Vancouver Day 1

Well with day 1 done, I can say for sure that I am enjoying this. I’m quite glad that my friends got me to go this year and so far it has been a blast. Day 1 is usually a shorter day due to not everyone being able to make it on Friday due to work and various reasons. I expect even more people to go tomorrow, I’m glad I picked up my tickets yesterday. The line ups today were even worse and the ticket sales lines probably took two or so hours to actually get through.


Me and my group of friends arrived a bit early, so the halls and main entrance for people with passes was fairly empty still. However, as the day went on, more and more people came around and the place became pretty packed. I must say that I really like the look of the Anime Revolution logo, I’m already tempted to pick up some AniRevo merchandise.


It seems that they were quite smart in booking a room just to hold the line ups for the separate rooms that had events going on. This allowed people to line up in a designated area and not block the main hallways and also prevents chaos from breaking loose. As you can see above, a lot of people were waiting to get to the opening ceremony. At first we considered going, but the line got so long that they basically said that they couldn’t accommodate everyone there.


Since we couldn’t get to go to the opening ceremony, we decided to hit up the vendors area first. Since panels didn’t start until later, we thought we could kill some time here. The booths were fairly plain and not that crowded early in the morning, but as the day drew on there were more and more people here. This area is separated into two with an area for vendors, an area for artists, and a maid cafe at the back. Most of these places were selling the usual anime goods and various assorted other things. The booths here were definitely smaller than that of the ones in ACG HK, but when you consider the convention size and number of peoples, this is pretty fair.


The first few shops were mostly cosplay shops, they sold a bunch of cosplay goods and a lot of cool looking hats. I was a bit tempted to maybe pick something up to blend in a bit more, but I figured it was probably better to just save my money for other goods.


The next part had more general anime merchandise such as posters, mugs, prints, and a bunch of other anime goodies. It seems the most popular stuff around here is Sword Art Online, Volcaloid, Madoka and a bunch of other anime that were either broadcasted in the west or just plain popular. There was a small booth for Crunchyroll here advertising their services, it was kind of nice to see industry here as well. The biggest store was probably the Aniplex booth, I was tempted to pick up the Madoka movie collectors edition. However, that is just a bit out of my price range. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the booth tomorrow.


A few booths also sold TCG supplies, I got suckered into buying some Magic The Gathering cards and also got a Weiss Schwarz Madoka trial deck since it was in English. The cards look pretty cool and seems to be an interesting break from Magic. Ended up buying a trial deck and possibly more coming up in the next few days.


In the middle of the vendor hall are a few displays including a bigger scale gundam and a few cars. There is also a Princess Zelda as well.


Both of the bigger scale models look pretty cool and add a nice atmosphere to the hall.

IMAG0224 IMAG0234 IMAG0235

The first car is a nice black Mazda with Senkaku Mei and the AniRevo logo printed on both sides. It looks pretty slick and would certainly be interesting to drive.

IMAG0225 IMAG0232 IMAG0233IMAG0236

The other car is a customized white Scion/Toyota. One side has Hatsune Miku on it, while the other has Senkaku Mei. This car also has a bunch of Hatsune Miku figures on the dash. I think I would totally drive this car.


An interesting product I found was Tanto Cuore, my friend already owns the top two games and is missing the third one. Maybe we should buy it for the dude as a gift. Early present anyone?


As stated earlier, as the day got further on the convention center got more and more packed. Eventually it became quite hard to walk around the hallways since the hall isn’t exactly all that wide since it is almost a straight forward walk instead of having multiple paths to one area. As you can see above, quite a few people also cosplayed, the quality differed, but it is great to see so many people doing son.


The last place we ended up going to was the games room for day one. I joined in on a MTG draft and managed to make my money back and more. I cracked a few mythics and managed to get two shocks while drafting. Although I only ended up going 2-1, at least I got two packs out of it. After that we went out to grab some dinner and planned to come back for the swimsuit contest due to a friend. However, they ran out of space again and had to cut the line short… Kind of sucks that you plan to go to events but they keep running out of space, but I guess it happens. So we spent about another hour here playing Weiss Schwarz and then headed home for the day.

Altogether, the first day of Anime Revolution was fun filled and quite interesting. I’m looking forward to day two.



Going to Anime Revolution in Vancouver

It has been a while since my last update, sorry for that but I’ve been pretty busy lately. Anyways,  on a whim I decided to go to Anime Revolution this year at the Vancouver Convention Center with a couple of my friends. I’ll probably post a rundown of my days there which start tomorrow. Just wanted to post about it. It did take me two or so hours to go down and pick up my pass today, that line was longer than the one to buy a pass. Buying a pass takes about 15 minutes while picking up your pass takes about two hours. Seems kind of odd, but I guess more people pre-ordered and wanted to pick it up earlier. Either way, the pass came with a small grab bag as pictured below.


Where Are The Posts?

If you’re wondering why I haven’t made a post in a while… Well let’s just say I’ve been busy trying to finish Grisaia no Kajitsu. I’ve only gotten through the common route so far and have gotten into the route split, so this will take some time for sure. Oh well, for now have the OP for Grisaia no Kajitsu.